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Our mission is to positively influence the community by teaching Pilates in unique locations and online! Pop Up Pilates USA will establish an environment for people to come as they are and leave with a fulfilled mind, body, and spirit.


Our vision is to pop up around the country, creating a larger community across the United States. Our hope is to introduce Pilates to everyday people and display its value in their daily lives.


As two professional dancers, Pilates has played a vital role in our lifestyle. After receiving our training through Balanced Body, we wanted to find a way to bring Pilates to people everywhere! In 2018, we were both living in Oklahoma City and decided to make this dream a reality. That's when Pop Up Pilates was born. We started popping up in local parks, dance studios, athletic retail stores, and even our friend's front yard. The more we popped up, the larger our community grew from just friends and family to complete strangers that had an interest in learning more about Pilates! One of our favorite pop up experiences so far has been our Pilates and Mimosas series at Riversport OKC. It was during this time when we realized how important community was. Not only for us but for everyone who attended our classes time and time again.


Just like many other professional ballet dancers, our careers moved the two of us into new companies. In 2019. Brianna moved to Dallas, TX to dance with Avant Chamber Ballet, and Katie moved to Northwest Arkansas for Northwest Arkansas Ballet Theatre. Even though the two of us live in different cities, we still want to continue growing where we are planted. This means popping up in Dallas and Northwest Arkansas as well as building an online presence. We genuinely enjoy making people happy through Pilates and hope that you will join us at one of our pop-ups soon. Thank you for being part of our journey!

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