In order to get our business up and running, we have created a "GoFundMe" account. This fund will allow us to expand our business and provide Pop Up Pilates classes in more fun and unique locations around OKC!

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What They’re Saying

"This was my first experience with Pilates and it was awesome! These girls do a great job leading this class! I had a good work out and felt relaxed! If you are looking to get started in Pilates I would highly recommend this beginners class!"

Keeta Lemmon

Manager of Orange Leaf Frozen Yogurt

"Pop Up Pilates USA is exactly what I look forward to after a long day of rehearsals and recording sessions"


Ricardo Veiga


"I loved going to Pop Up Pilates in the Park! Katie and Brianna taught a wonderful class. It left me feeling refreshed and empowered! These two are so inspiring!"

Hannah Barr

Oklahoma City Ballet Dancer